Design Semantics is a Special Interest Group of the International Association of Ontology and its Applications (IAOA).

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The Design Semantics SIG is an interdisciplinary platform for the discussion of all topics connected to the theory and professional practice of design, encompassing aspects of multi-modality, creativity, engineering, and scientific problem-solving. Within the scope of the SIG are perspectives on the theory and practice of design from the viewpoints of ontology, computer science, mathematics, aesthetics, cognitive science, and psycholinguistics. The SIG seeks to facilitate a discussion between researchers from all disciplines interested in representing and reasoning about design. This includes formal, cognitive, linguistic, engineering and philosophical aspects of design, as well as their application in the sciences and in the arts, both human and computer generated.
Domains being addressed include architecture, urban planning, geodesign, product design, visual and auditory digital media (e.g., music, film, animation, entertainment) etc. 

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